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Бизнес Навигация
Разработчик Uwe Hebbelmann
24.99 USD

GPS-Relay sends detailed location, date and time information with a single click.

Easy to use and requires no extra typing. Once youve put your default recipients and subject in the apps settings, you can just open GPS-Relay and hit "Send", and youre done!
Great for letting someone (or several people) know exactly where you are and when. Use the map link to see your exact location on a map.

GPS-Relay sends the following information using the devices eMail:
- Latitude
- Longitude
- Date (retrieved)
- Time (retrieved)
- Accuracy
- Address (Street, Postal, City, County, State & Country)
- Map Link
- Message-ID

You can add text to the eMail optionally before it is sent, or just hit "Send" right away and youre done!

Users of Clear Computing TAC software will be able to respond to work dispatch email messages with GPS location and time stamp information.